Bye Bye Winter

Winter doesn’t seem to be letting go. I am longing for warmer, sunny days. To be able to sit outside and just have my morning coffee listening to birds chirp while I plan the day in my mind. I so enjoy that moment before the day starts. That little piece of tranquility, that little piece of alone time that really would put anyone in a wonderful place mentally.

I used to love the winter season as a child and even as a young adult, however, I don’t like it too much anymore. The more the colder days linger, the more I crave the idea of moving someplace more tropical where every day I could enjoy having my coffee on a patio as the morning sun would drench my skin in Vitamin D and my Doctor wouldn’t have to prescribe me supplements for lack of..

As I sit at the kitchen table sipping my coffee with my warm, fluffy robe on looking out the front windows to the bare, bud-less trees, I tell myself it can only be a few more weeks before winter leaves for good. Right?


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