A Blessing Has Come to Me.

I sit here with tears of immense gratitude filling my eyes. Thinking about my life. In the past 12 hours my mind running rampant with past memories to thoughts about my future and everything in between such as books I’ve read and suddenly having an “ah-ha” moment thinking, “Yes, this is what the author meant.” I have been thinking about my faith and have thanked God, I don’t know how many times yesterday evening.

The past couple of years and even more so recently, I have given a lot of thought about life, my life and the new life I want to create. I’ve read books, joined seminars, took a 2d job with a French company not just for the extra money but to learn about sales and marketing. I follow people who are inspirational and motivational on Twitter. And that leads me to what happened last night.

A few wks back I was reading my Twitter feed. I came across a Webinar class that I signed up for on improving certain areas in one’s life. At some point, I saw a post by Duane Cummings who is a Motivational Coach, Author and Entrepreneur who I follow on Twitter. He was holding a contest for an all expense trip in regards to his book, “The Sensational Salesman.” I opened up his link and started writing. I really don’t remember what I wrote, but it came from my soul as most of which I write does. An all expense trip sounds great. The lessons that I would get from this, from Duane and his wife in how to make my dreams comes true and my life successful, would be incredibly amazing!

Here come the tears again. Last night out to dinner with co-workers having delicious sushi, having a send-off for someone who is relocating and talking about plans for our own team, my phone rang. It was Mr. Cummings. He was calling to tell me I was 1 of 2 people who won his contest. I actually couldn’t place the name at first. I even thought it was a gimmick initially. I asked him politely if I could return his call later in the evening at 9:15 and he so kindly obliged. Following that, I hadn’t heard a word that was said at the table as I kept replaying the phone call I just encountered. Ten minutes later my boss was then speaking when all of a sudden I blurted out, “OMG! I know who that was!”  I explained to everyone about the contest and of course they were just as excited now for me. And as much as I was enjoying the time with friends I really couldn’t wait to get outside to call Mr.Cummings back!

I won! The only word my brain could produce was, “Wow!” Thousands upon thousands of people entered this contest and he chose me.

This is that moment where your life changes. That moment you wait for and embrace. That moment you hear about that happens to other people. But here it is happening to me and I am just so very much thankful for this incredible opportunity to learn from Mr. Cummings and his wife. The journey and this blessing is going to be life altering. As for the trip, I don’t know where I am going and it doesn’t matter. I do know the direction though and it is up.

I will certainly share this journey and amazing opportunity with you. I still am in complete awe.

God Bless,



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