Finding My Way To Give Something Back

Over the past few years, I have been craving something. Something that is missing in my life that my children can’t give me, a career can’t give me, a man can’t give me. I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought my passion for writing is what I needed, so I published my 1st book, “In Mourning…The Loss of a Living Child,” a heart-felt, emotional story that I poured my soul out onto for the world to feel the pain I bared as a parent, helplessly watching my child self-destruct into the streets that swallowed him in his entirety. Yet, it was an amazing accomplishment that took so long to finally publish at the encouragement of Authors like Vincent Da’Quino, Playwrite, Bob Zaslow and the truly incredible Emmy Award winning Author Janus Adams in hopes it would help other parents.

After that I traveled to one of my favorite places, Oahu. There is something magical about the Hawaiian Islands. On one of my trips there while staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, (OMG I love that place) I was able to attend a Non-Denominational Sunday Mass, on the the beach. Growing up in an Irish Catholic family, I have a strong faith in God and I do go to Church regularly and I pray even more than that. But this Sunday was different. Here I was, on the beach in the South Pacific, sitting in a beach chair instead of a pew while the Pastor spoke. Psalms were performed so gracefully in a Hula dance form. The waves crashed on the sand, the palm tree’s leaves blew gently from the ocean breeze and then it hit me like a ton of bricks; In spite of everything I had been through in the past years, within me, I had spirituality, gratitude, feeling blessed, feeling love, giving love, feeling empowered, peacefulness, all those amazing emotions embraced me.

And I knew I needed to do something more with my life. We only have one. I want mine to mean something. I don’t want to leave this earth unknown. That doesn’t mean I have to be a Best-Selling Author. It means I have to touch someones life and change theirs for the better, inspire them to want more, do more. I want other people to feel those same emotions I feel of immense happiness and gratitude.

For the next 3 years, I opened up my own hair studio, have been back to Hawaii, started working on another book, became a -very young- grandmother and searched my soul for my purpose.

I am the most technologically incapacitated person you might ever meet. However, I started an Instagram account and was scrolling through one day when I came across a woman’s picture related to traveling. I couldn’t help but look at the rest of her pictures. I clicked, ‘Follow.’ Within a day or 2 she had posted another picture about traveling but also about a career in traveling. I clicked on it. A box popped up for me to enter my e-mail if I was interested in learning more. I was. I gave my info and at some point during the day we started a corresponding. She was with Paycation and I couldn’t help but be engulfed in all the possibilities of something new in my immediate future. I researched the company and found it has been in business for over 12 years, is partners with Priceline and Expedia and so say no more, I enrolled, got certified and it is one of the best things I have ever done and some of the best little bit of money I have ever spent.

Not because of all the traveling perks and amazing discounts I am entitled to. Or the ability to help other people plan the most amazing trips and experiences of their lifetime. Or that I can even make commission on my own vacations but because of all the stuff I am learning. If you don’t learn, you can’t grow. And that is something I have been craving in my life, personal growth.

I signed up a little over 2 months ago and am learning so much from the travel industry and all the different vendors to especially all the amazing social media venues, because let’s face it, anyone over 42 knows what I am talking about regarding social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…Overwhelming to say the least-There’s no such thing as an Ad in the paper anymore.

Now being involved and meeting amazing people in Paycation and Xstream Travel and having been on some conference calls and listening to conversations with top earners in the company who are hands on and a phone call away, they are not talking just the business but about life, dreams, hard work, ambition, gratitude, giving back, having faith and so much more. These conversations have made the feelings inside of me rise up. That intense need I feel to give back to the world is in my face and I know I am getting closer to what my soul needs.

I remembered one of the gentleman, who is a top earner, saying there are 3 types of giving, “Spontaneous, strategic and sacrificial.” That statement has been in my head for 2 wks now and it makes me think what can I do to give back?

On my way to work the other morning, I was praying and thanking God for every blessing I could think of I had at that moment and the people I have in my life that I love. I had again asked the Lord to give me insight as to what I can do to give back to society.  About an hour after arriving at work, the phone rang and it was someone I had recently met at a party who works for Veteran’s Affairs, asking if I knew of any programs that support female Vets transitioning back into society as far as getting their hair done and readying themselves for jobs interviews.

I didn’t even hesitate. “Yes I do.”

This is the answer I have been looking for. I have been doing hair for over 25 years and this is what I can do. I can give my time and my talent to make one female Vet at a time feel beautiful and amazing and confident about re-entering the work force. So now I am going to start a program for female Vets who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MST (Military Sexual Trauma).

My heart has been opened up. It’s amazing! You see how it works? I feel gratitude and people come into my life to guide me, show me, enlighten me and teach me and I will enter someone’s life to teach, guide or love and so on and so on. This is what life is about. It is about loving, inspiring, being thankful and giving. I am so excited about this!  God Bless has blessed me with an answer to my prayer and may God bless each and everyone of these women who enlist in the U.S. Military that puts their life on the line for us and the freedom’s we have.


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