Sheila McGlarry is a native New Yorker, born to Irish Parents. She currently resides in Peekskill, N.Y, with her youngest son, out of 3 boys. Sheila is also the very proud grandmother of a set of boy/girl twins and a younger granddaughter.

A hairstylist by trade for over 25 years and absolutely still enjoys going to work every day. Her passions are writing, cooking and embracing life.

Sheila is the Author of, In Mourning…The Loss of a Living Child. A non-fiction regarding what she went through raising her oldest son as an oppositional teenager who got into selling drugs, doing drugs and going to jail. At one point, she felt she lost him to the streets, therefore, was mourning his life, not his death. Working as a hairstylist so many clients would sit in her chair and talk about their own issues with their teens and so came the book.

She has embraced her talent for writing and is currently working on a fiction romance that she finds coming up with the perfect title is her biggest challenge.


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