Live. Enjoy. Breathe. Repeat.

Life is a true gift that should be embraced each day that is given to us. I know it can be difficult, especially when we are faced with dead lines at work, school schedules for those of us with kids, a home to run, maybe older parents that need taken care of and taking the dog for their 2 X’s a day walk, among the various other things that we are faced with on a daily basis.

I always say, “I need another hour in my day and another day in my week.” If that were the case, it would still not be enough because then I would take on even more –most likely. I never stop to think how much I do, I just do it. I am used to doing it and when there is nothing to do, I will find something, because, there is always something to do.

As well as running my own business in the hair industry, working on my 2nd book, and managing my teen age son’s life, I’ve recently taken on another job working for a French skin care company, that I absolutely love! So I am the definition of busy. I thrive on busy.

I thrive on life, and so I also need to live it, enjoy it, breathe it and repeat it. That’s what this blog will be about. We all endure our not so pleasant moments in life, but they pass. As individuals we need to up lift, encourage and remind each other that it is okay to take a step back to escape your everyday reality whether it’s to go to a good restaurant with wonderful friends and drink delicious wine, hop on a train with your kid – either into the city or up to the country, cook a great meal – something not so ordinary. Take a vacation in your back yard or on the other side of the world or just go to a used book store by yourself for half an hour and find a good book for .50 that you can enjoy in some alone time.

The important thing is remembering to welcome all the wonderful things in your life, both big and small, be thankful for each and every one and your world will start to feel that is has achieved a beautiful balance… most days.


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